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Travel Mercy

March 7, 2020 10:05pm
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I prayed today for travel mercy from God for those going home from our meetings today. On my way home, I experienced it firsthand.

40 Days of Resonance :: Day 10

This afternoon, during our closing prayer time of the church meetings I was at yesterday and today, I prayed for everyone travelling home (we had come from all over Alberta and BC) that God would give them mercy as they travelled. My drive home would be a 4-hour trip, with much of it being on a mountain pass, in the dark. That's a day-to-day, even hour-to-hour proposition this time of year, where the roads will be fine at one point and then not too long after, they can be treacherous.

I chose a generally less treacherous route, but it turned out to not be quite that. There were two stretches of road that were particularly bad, with wet and snowy roads, and really heavy snow that made it terribly hard to see. I'd like to say it's fun driving in that type of snow, because the flakes are huge and look great when you're not driving. And, when you are driving, it looks a bit like that part of Star Wars where the Millennium Falcon gears up into hyperdrive and the stars stretch out (especially if you put your brights on). If it weren't for the challenge of driving while not being able to see more than a few metres in front of you, it would actually be a pretty fun way to drive. The look of it out your windshield is great; the reality, not so much.

On the second particularly bad section, almost at the end of the mountain pass stretch and about three quarters of the way through my trip, I prayed very specifically that the travel mercy I had prayed for everyone would be for me too, that God would lighten the snow not only for my sake, but for the sake of all those on that road tonight—there were those who were just heading into the mountain pass as I was coming down from it—that we could see better and be safer as we traveled.

Literally 2 seconds after I finished praying out loud, the snow tapered to be much lighter, and I could see more normally. So I starting praying again; this time with thanksgiving for what I had just experienced, and continued to pray for those who were still up on the pass.

I share this with you because I don't always see immediate answers to prayer, but I did this time. And I don't expect that God will answer every prayer for earthly things to happen with an immediate and clear yes (or even a yes at all). But He did this time. I'm not telling you this to give you a formula for getting God to say yes to your every whim (there isn't one, and it wouldn't be good for me if God said yes to those kinds of my prayers anyway). But God does care for His people, and He invites you to pray, first in view of salvation, but also for every need of your body and soul. Pray for everything, and trust that His answers—whether they are what you would consider to be favourable to you or not—are indeed for your own good, both here in this life and into eternity.


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