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The Line Between...

March 9, 2020 11:27pm
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We're always trying to draw lines between things. Where's the line between prudence and fear? The answer may surprise you. Or it may not.

40 Days of Resonance: Day 11

Where’s the line between prudence and fear?

Given the hysterics that are happening over this past week, I’d say the line is between one and more than one packages of toilet paper.

People who are stockpiling 90+ rolls are doing so not because there’s a possibility that if you have coronavirus, you'll have to be quarantined for about 14 days. The math simply doesn't add up. That's more than six rolls a day while quarantined. That's not reasonable.

But people don't act rationally. People never have. You and I don't. I'm not sure why we're surprised when people act irrationally because of fear or herd mentality or whatever else preys upon our reason.

Sure, we need to be prudent. But we don't need to give in to fear. Sometimes it's really hard to tell where the line is.

Wherever that line may be, just leave some toilet paper for the rest of us.

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