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I got home from an extremely busy day, ready to write about "the four loves", following on the addled post from last night. Four aspects of love are captured by four different Greek words, and they're all worth considering.

But as I was relaxing for a little bit and turned on the TV for some sports highlights, I heard the news that the NBA (professional basketball in the US and Canada) was suspending its season due to a player having tested positive for coronavirus.


The Line Between...

Where’s the line between prudence and fear?

Given the hysterics that are happening over this past week, I’d say the line is between one and more than one packages of toilet paper.

People who are stockpiling 90+ rolls are doing so not because there’s a possibility that if you have coronavirus, you'll have to be quarantined for about 14 days. The math simply doesn't add up. That's more than six rolls a day while quarantined. That's not reasonable.