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Your Privacy

Canada has privacy laws. Though I'm not a commercial entity, why not disclose info I'm collecting and using? There's no good reason.

I collect two items of somewhat-personal info: your name (only if you type your real name in when you comment - someday this will be required. As I get it up and running, it's very basic), and your IP address (almost every web site does this; I'll use it for analytics - to see how many visitors, where they're coming from, etc.). Cookies are used only to remember you for the purposes of making the site somewhat easier to navigate.

I'm also in the process of starting up an email list. I'll be collecting your name, email address, and general location for the purposes of sending you emails that are personalized: addressing you by name where possible and keeping your location in mind in case I'm sending content that's particularly relevant to certain places.

I will never sell the personal information you share with me through this site. I will never give out your information to a third-party without your explicit permission.