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About TheResonant

There's a concept in the physical world that when a sound wave is just the right length in a room, it becomes amplified, and that sound stands out among all the others in that room. This concept is called resonance. It's a fascinating topic with fascinating implications, and not just with sound. It's true of all waves that exists in a certain space, including water waves.

And the idea of resonance has taken hold in other areas. We talk about how songs, speeches, books, art, and ideas resonate with people. For whatever reason, certain things stand out for certain people.

My hope with this project is that what you encounter here will resonate with you. That it will stand out for you among the many other voices and be amplified in a healthy way as we dialogue about things that are important to our lives.

I leave you with an example of the fascinating world of resonance. Take 5:49 and step into the world of cymatics. I promise it'll be worth it.

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About the Logo

The image in the logo is a representation of the Chladni pattern for the note B3 on a square metal plate. (If you don't understand that, after watching the video above, you will.) Rotated 45 degrees, part of the image is also a representation of a Greek cross, which is the pattern that adorns my vestments while I lead traditional worship.

About the Founder

My name is Michael Schutz. I'm a husband, father of four, and Lutheran pastor. I created TheResonant as a resource for people who want to think deeply about the things going on in our world, and especially for Christians who want to be thoughtful about how they live as Christians in our world.

About the Media

The media used on this site is all either original or comes from sources that have given permission for the images, videos, etc. to be used and/or shared. Many of the images that go along with posts are from Unsplash, which is a free photography site. I'll note sources of other media as we go along.

About Your Information

On another note, if you're wondering about your personal information and what this site is collecting and doing with it, wonder no more.